I follow the Daily Stoic because of Ryan Holiday, and today’s newsletter was about this topic.

Don’t give the small things more time than they deserve.

— Marcus Aurelius

I’ve been guilty of this, and it’s something I’ve touched on in the past:

But I wanted to come back to the idea again. This is a problem people have been discussing for thousands of years, so it’s not exactly new, but I’m starting to notice people on the team deal with the same problem. They sometimes get worked up over how people word things, what they’re requesting. Maybe the other person is being pushy. You name it. The result is that they get bent out of shape about it, and it can really disrupt the flow of their day.

I’m no expert on resolving this issue, but I think a good, early step is helping them recognize it so that when a potential situation occurs in the future, they never get heated in the first place. Even if it’s something they practice once a month, that’s still an improvement. Stay safe, everyone.

I’ll see you all tomorrow.